the mobile camera system

Maximum flexibility!

Morning crane work – Midday construction site monitoring

Hookeye – the mobile camera system

The strength of Hookeye is its flexible use in the case of various visual obstructions. Used as a reversing camera in the morning and later briefly used as a construction site camera, the camera provides valuable help in the afternoon when lifting a bridge and later ensures accident-free and precise loading onto a truck. Everything fast and without great installation effort – no problem!

Thanks to the wireless power supply and data transmission, the system offers not only comfort, efficiency and security, but also a high degree of flexibility, as the camera can be used from one operation to the next within a few minutes. With the camera and monitor system, the machine operator has a complete overview of his environment and a clear view of the load.

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Locations of this camera monitor system

The camera monitor system can be used in tower cranes, telescopic cranes, crawler cranes, forklifts, rear view cameras, surveillance cameras and many other comparable areas. In telescopic cranes in particular, the crane operator is dependent on a “moving eye” when lifting expensive loads behind obstacles. Often the driver has been instructed by third parties via a radiotelephone. With the flexible camera system, which can be attached wirelessly to any device within a few minutes, the crane operator has a sufficient view of the crane hook, the lifting equipment, the load and its surroundings. The crane operator has the possibility to zoom and change the angle of view in order to orientate himself optimally and to recognize signals and distances.

The camera functions zoom, pan, record and align to load make Hookeye a flexible aid for precise and safe work on the construction site and in sensitive environments.

Turn on the camera. Then quick assembly WITHOUT cable connection in seconds due to strong magnets at any free point on the boom head
The control software on the tablet is then connected to the camera at the push of a button - and you can start working.
The central button automatically aligns the camera horizontally to the load from any position. The control buttons around it control the viewing angle at an angle of +/- 90°. You can also zoom in and out at various levels.
During the work, a video can be recorded or picture can be taken to document the work

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Why choose us?

For almost 50 YEARS the Köhler company has been engaged in repairs and safety technology for cranes. In addition to extensive repairs of damage and accidents, the company also offers spare parts and extensive equipment. Köhler uses its many years of expertise to develop and offer tools that make crane work faster, safer and thus also cheaper.

A frequent cause of the accident is a lack of support and insufficient visual contact. Since customers often cannot and do not want to equip all construction machines with camera technology for understandable reasons, a flexible camera has been developed for the benefit of the vehicle fleet, which can be used where a better view accelerates work and above all makes it safer.

You can rely on the well-known and long-standing quality. Köhler is one of the leading companies in Europe with 50 employees. With a hall area of 4,000 sqm, an outdoor area of 14,000 sqm, a large painting plant 25 x 5 x 5 m and a 600 t press, in addition to trained and experienced personnel, the necessary infrastructure is also available. Quality is not only important for the crane camera. The great proof of suitability for welding steel up to StE 1100 and the certification according to ISO 9001 are also a quality feature like a decades-long, worldwide satisfied customer base.