• Wireless camera system
  • 14 h run time
  • High resolution (4K)
  • 100% mobile:
  • Attachable anywhere on magnetic surfaces
  • 500 g total weight
  • All-in-one: internal transmitter and power supply
  • Fast:
    Direct sight makes work easy and speedy.
    Camera aligns to load automatically.
    Real-time transmission of high definition & zoomable image of load to cabin.
  • Safe:
    Direct view on load anytime for crane operator even behind obstacles (e.g. buildings) for immediat reaction.
    Zoomable view for detailed or overall view.
  • Economic:
    Fast setup time.
    Installation only on cranes which really need camera support.
  • Several cameras can be monitored via one pad.
  • Charge level anytime retrievable.

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